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Ben Roggeman is one of the two driving forces behind EWE. He was schooled to be an eventplanner, barista and caterer. He’s taking the lead in all events that take place in Belgium. Many events in different styles and settings have been done by him. All unique, with style and perfectly executed. It doesn’t matter whether it’s small or very large, all our parties and events are memorable magical experience that our customer will cherish forever.

Ilse Devos is the second half of EWE. She’ll take care of all events worldwide. She has a lot of experience in tailor-made travelling and has the talent to know exactly what her clients want. An exclusive villa in Italy, a penthouse in New York or a private Jet to an exclusive destination – you name it, she makes it happen! As a token of recogniton, she was rewarded the Travel World Topseller Award in 2018. Now she’s determined to combine her expertise in tourism with event management and astonish every client.

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Why choose Belgium? Belgium is a hidden gem in the middle of Europe. It is easy to access, has a tradition of high level hospitality and has the most michelin star restaurants per inhabitant in Europe.

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Bundling together our expertise in tailor made luxury travel and exclusive events – we’re taking wedding and events worldwide.

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Full event planning and consulting. Location and destination management. Tailor made traveling.

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